Thursday, February 7, 2013

David - Second Day, Second Show

Watched David and it was better than i expected it to be. I want to watch the movie again and again. Not just 'cos of Vikram. Its the story, acting and music that i completely loved. Every actor in the movie has done such a great job that you would forget everything else around you and get involved with the three stories. Music is just too good. I especially loved the number "Three Kills"

There is a part where due to religious fights, one of the protagonist thinks about killing the women who is behind the fights as a revenge. He is filled with enough anger to kill her and also gets an easy opportunity to do so. But she falls to his feet by mistake and looks up to him. And in her eyes he can see how scared she is to lose her life to him. He drops the knife and walks away. That fear in her was enough for him to let go of revenge. It made him a better person.

I just loved that part of the movie. That particular scene was for a minute or two but its something I'll remember for a long time.

David is a must watch.


  1. thank u fr telling us about it... I was lil confused, tht either to watch it not... :P

  2. hmm. Will have to watch it then... :)

  3. Actually I got some bad reviews about David from my friends...But everyone is entitled to their opinion...I did like the songs anyway...Anirudh's music is good to listen...Thanks.....Will watch it soon :)

    1. True.. A friend of mine didn't like the movie at all..

      Songs are just too good.:-)