Friday, February 8, 2013

Untitled post

Too many people have asked how long i plan to work. To which i always say as long as i enjoy my work. Till now this has been my answer in all my interviews. In one of the interviews, was told that work is not to have fun, not to enjoy. I obviously didn't get the job and was glad.

I don't get it. Why work if its not fun? When i say fun, don't mean to watch movies and dance around whole day. Its enjoying what we do. Sometimes i feel happy to be just deleting more than fifty emails. Few years back having two unread emails in personal account felt great. So you can imagine my happiness now. I just love my working. Getting ready to work, getting stuck in traffic and pretending to be late for a meeting, taking tea breaks and talking about how hectic work life has come to, fear of meeting targets, awards, happiness when there is a small difference in the cafeteria menu. I love everything about working and having a job.

But one thing i love the most is celebrating special days with everyone. Living in small families and meeting cousins and relatives twice or thrice a year makes us lose the real touch of festivals. But its at work, you meet those who become your extended family with whom you would spend more than eight hours a day. Celebrating birthdays and festivals with them makes me feel so good about myself and life. After eight hours with them, i actually love going back home to tell mum and dad everything about my day. Its also making me spend more time with my family.

Somehow it feels like this whole post don't really make sense. I'm having such thoughts every time i write nowadays. But who says i have to make sense? So forget it. I'm going to post what ever i type. Spelling and grammar mistakes and genuine and not typo errors. My sentence formation is not very good. But not too bad i hope.

What did i start talking about in the post and what did i end with? Perfect..!!!

P.S : Wasn't able to think of a title for this post.


  1. Well, I think it never really has to make sense
    Untill you are happy and you love what you are doing :)

    1. I agree with you Ritika.. :-)

      Thanks a lot for reading.!!

  2. A perfect post...and believe me...a perfect title to the post...loved both of them... :)

  3. Good one.. :)

    In an ideal world, work should be as enjoyable as play. But sadly, this world is not always ideal.

    1. Agree with you Deepak.. World s not always ideal.. Guess we spend our days trying our best to make them.. :-)

      Thanks for reading.. :-)