Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who could i be tomorrow???

Was in training for more than an hour today. The kinda words that were used in training were those even Google's simple English couldn't make me understand. Just when i was thinking about what to wear to work tomorrow, my mum gave me a call. I managed to answer the call even during the training 'cos mum usually calls to let me know the menu for dinner at home so that i can choose between home food and cafeteria food. So you can imagine how important this call was.

But to my shock, she asked me to check about IAS exams.  Now i was really shocked 'cos never once has mum shown any interest in taking any exams. Her vision, hearing and memory power is pretty low nowadays. So asked her what's going on. She watched an interview of a girl who had cleared the exams and it made her very happy. So she wanted me to write the exams as well so that she can watch my interview as well. Told her I'm in a training and cut the call.

I can't stop thinking about this now. What made her think i would even clear the exams? Other than the full form of IAS, i know nothing about it. Moreover i don't even want to take the exam. So called her after few hours and told her about my lack of interest. I was feeling very bad thinking about how hurt she would be about my decision.

But it didn't really matter to her. Guess she was just giving it a try and didn't really think i would be up for it. Or she might have watched an interview of a traffic police or a snake catcher and planing to ask me about it tomorrow.


  1. Ha ha "traffic police or a snake catcher". Very nice post, loved reading every line of it. :-)

    1. Thanks Amit.. :-) I can try to be a traffic cop but never ever a snake catcher.. :-)