Friday, February 22, 2013

Missing In Action

For past few months, been drinking tender coconut water everyday with friends at work. Everyday. The guy who sells is kinda our friend. One of my friend has been buying from him for more than six months. So yea, every evening, used to go for a walk with friends and have tender coconut water. It was nice, though its twenty bucks. Think it used to cost less than ten rupees few years back. But i get it. It was "few years" back. Can't expect price of anything to be the same for more than few days.

Anyways, its been three days this tender coconut selling friend is missing. Guessing he has good contacts at my work place, planning to put up a message at the notice board at work to contact me if they have any information on his disappearance. I have spent enough time and energy blaming my friend to not have asked his phone number just in cases like now when we could've contacted him. You can ask me if i have the phone number of the one from whom my family buys vegetables. No i don't have the number but i know where he lives. Get my point, don't you?

OK. Enough of blaming games. I want to find this man and make him continue his super profitable business. Want to know the real reason behind all this. I have admired his entrepreneurial skills for long enough to spend time on knowing the reason. He's been selling coconut water for more than ten years at the same place. So what can the reason be?

Hoping to find answers very soon. Wish me luck.


  1. even i love tender coconut water. may be he is busy or gone back to his town for few days. don't worry, he will come back.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks.. :-) i have a good feeling that he'll be back soon

  3. I missed coconut water so much for last 3 days...I thought this is the end of healthy habit, let's hope he comes on Monday. And what answers you are looking for, did not quite get that...anyways all the best for all your quest :-)

    1. Yes Amit.. If he's not back by today evening.. We need to do something about this.. And i need answers from him.. on why he went away not letting us know n other stuff.. :-)