Monday, February 18, 2013

Shiny eyes

I love talking to people who have a shine in their eyes while talking about things they love. It can be anything. Their work, hobby, love etc etc.. When they are talking about it, you can actually see happiness in their eyes. That special smile and their eyes shining takes you to their world. You can very well understand that awesome feeling they are going through and if you can relate to it even a little bit, you'll be lucky to share that feeling. This shine in the eyes can't be seen among everyone all the time.

I say the subject can be anything 'cos I've seen this shine when my best friend Nisha talks about Mermaids. She is a very curious girl and i completely love that about her. One day she needed some help with her MBA project and asked to come over to her place to help her with it. But somehow we started talking about Mermaids and i realized she's been reading a lot about it. Lot of thinking process has been done by her. In fact more than her MBA project, i could find information in her laptop on Mermaids. It was amazing to see her talking, thinking, asking around about this. And yes, the happiness in her eyes while she did this was enough for me to feel it too.

I observe while talking to my friends and family and let them know somehow about this. But as a matter of fact, you don't need someone like me to tell you when your eyes shine. If you find yourself talking about something for more than an hour and would love to spend every minute talking about it, remember this post and know there's a shine in your eyes and a smile on your face.


  1. Wait! Is that a shine in your eyes ? *Clears my eyes* Yeah, that's definitely a shiny eyes. :D

    Its' totally true. People go on about talking about for hours and hours with excitement and ofcourse shiny eyes. :)

  2. Reading this post was so soothing. It took me to a different world. I felt happiness engulfing me from deep within. Thank you for such a lovely post. :-) :-)

  3. mermaids:):):):):).. sighhh!!!!!!

  4. shit! don approve that. i ws jus checking t c if i could post a comment n it turns out I finally can. yay

    1. I'm like 90% sure this anonymous is Nisha.. :-)

      Why can't you post a comment from your account?????

  5. I agree, happy people have that shine in their eyes and its so contagious