Monday, February 4, 2013

Vending machine

Two or three months back two vending machines were placed in the cafeteria in my office. People ran to take a look at those. We were all very excited. A demo was organized by the facility team. People like me left everything else behind and reached cafeteria minutes before the demo started. We were told that the machine accepts only new ten rupee notes. Didn't really bother about this.

A note was stuck on the machine, step by step on how to use it. First few days, machine accepted even the old notes. I'm guessing it was being friendly with us. But people like me took advantage of it. Started pushing the oldest, almost torn notes. Two or three days it accepted. Fourth day i wanted to have Britannia chocolate cake. It accepted the crumpled ten rupee note and didn't work. I didn't get the cake. Pushed another ten bucks into the machine. Didn't work. One smart fellow asked me to check with a twenty rupee. It accepted even that and didn't work at all. We hit the machine twice or thrice which didn't make a difference.

Now both the vending machines have disappeared from the cafeteria. Not sure what happened. Hope i didn't kill them.

And I'm still not sure why i had to waste twenty rupees though the instructions were very clear to use only new ten rupee notes.


  1. Hi Kavya,

    Maybe you stifled and suffocated the vending machine to death :) :) :) :)
    Well, it happens with all of us. We tend to overlook the instructions and apply our minds to it to get something working & functional. However, there is a downside to assuming things. It usually results in a loss, as in your case.

    Lovely incident which you've shared with all of us :)


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  2. I am sad for the other vending machine! It was working fine! But had to move out. This happens. Crucifixion for someone else's mistake!

  3. I lost many 10 rupees notes. Every time I used to enter my name and number on the complaint paper they kept. In fact whoever used to lose money to that vending machine would enter my name and number. Then facilities dept would start following up with me and they will provide dates to collect the money. I was really surprised how they returned my money, in an envelope printed with office address, phone number, contact person name. This is called professionalism. Hats off to the Facilities Department

    1. Oh wow.. That s really nice Amit.. I should have written my name and number too on the complaint paper.. :-(