Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let your hair down.. No i won't

I've heard too many of my friends saying let your hair down and feel the wind in your hair. They say this usually when we are driving around and they all look out of the window(except the one driving, obviously) thinking about how awesome the wind is and all. I get to hear this even more when good music is being played. I want to ask them all one question. Will you help me untangle my horrible hair for hours later? No. All of you would go back home with super silky shiny hair and I'll go back with hair that looks like Marge Simpson's. I love her, but that's not the point here.

I understand my friends want me to enjoy the wind and all. I do, trust me. But i like to tie up my hair. Does wind care about it? No. Do i care about it? No. Am i having fun? Yes. So what's the problem here?

Next time one of you try to untie my hair without my permission, your fingers will be chopped.


  1. Ha ha..really funny but valid point. Did someone actually tried to do that to you??