Thursday, September 6, 2012


I've been fooling myself and others saying i want to live a simple normal life. What was i trying to prove to myself saying that? 

I don't like simple and normal things at all. I don't even like the color grey 'cos it makes me feel dull and boring. Prefer fluorescent colors (especially the brightest pink) Don't like to have normal conversations with friends. You can find me talking about aliens, time machines, Charlie Sheen, Homer Simpson, how wonderful it is to drink green tea and eat three spoons of sugar after that. Or you can find me doing the same things everyday and being perfectly happy and excited about it. Coming up with ideas to talk to the cab driver like how guys do. It seems so simple for a guy to talk to the drivers. Why not me? Next time i find a man trying to overtake my cab, i'm gonna scream on top of my voice and say all the bad words i know in local language. Driver uncle might get impressed and talk to me.

I was supposed to write about how i want lot of drama in my life. Ended up writing about cab driver. Can't help it folks. My mind can't think about one thing for more than a minute. 

From when do i use the word "folks" ?????? Che

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