Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jaipur & Agra

I've not written here for long time now. Not been busy or anything.. You know how it is. Sometimes you don't feel like reading or writing also. This was so not my plan for this year. :( Wanted to read as many books as possible and write more often here. We are in August already and I've not read much past four months. Weekends are just flying (god knows how) and I've not even spent enough time with my family. I miss being with Vagmi n Ruthva. Must do something about this soon.

I had a team outing to Jaipur and Agra last week and been waiting to post few pictures here. Had a great time in Jaipur and would like to visit again in few years to explore more. But a big NO to Agra. Goodness.. This place is so badly maintained and the roads are horribly dirty. Even the place around Taj Mahal is not pleasing enough to even consider walking. I could not manage to walk inside Taj Mahal for more than an hour 'cos of the crowd and weather. Its so crowded that you can't even stand in a corner to appreciate the marvelous architecture. What really irritated me was hundreds of people pushing you just so they can take a selfie. I'm not saying I don't take selfies. But never have i pushed someone out of my way to get a good picture of myself. I saw a couple who let their kid go away from them just to click a selfie. Poor kid could have been lost in that crowd. Anything can happen there. We all want pictures and its absolutely fine. But lets just make sure someone else isn't pushed and pulled for this. :)