Friday, January 22, 2016


Welcome 2016..!!!!!! :)

I have a strong feeling that this year is going to be just so great. :) I want to travel as much as possible. Don't care about the places. I just want to be on the move. Its already started.!!! I was on a solo trip to Srilanka. Gosh.. It was beautiful. I'm not so good at appreciating or even using the right kinda words for nature, but Lanka made me see the beauty in nature. Weather was also pleasant. Met lot of people and made few friends as well. I have always believed meeting people is the best part of traveling. I'm so glad to have chosen Srilanka for my first of solo trips. I was so scared, excited and curious to see everything.

Going on a solo trip really gives you lot of time to think. And this is exactly what I wanted at this time. In one of my previous post, I have spoken about tough time that I was going through in 2015. Well, Somehow feel I am ready to write about it here now. My testing tough time began right after I got married. Having known that I could not expect marriage to be a bed of roses, I was ready for some challenges and ups/downs. But few months into it, falling down and not being able to get up was the biggest task to me. I wanted thing to get better and see a ray of light at the end of all of it. But the light did not come at all to me. I lost myself, started losing respect certain relationships, couldn't write at all. I could not work well. Did not want to go out with friends also. At one point, when i couldn't take things all alone, I shared my concerns and difficulties with my family. Having a wonderful family as mine, I was lucky to get the best possible support from them.

So I decided to end it when it wasn't too late. It was better to stop getting hurt now than fall badly later from where I might not be able to get back. My family and friends helped me a lot obviously. I thank them so much. It was very difficult at that time when it was ended. Now its been a long time and I am pretty fine. I am moving on and its good for me. :)

Traveling was one of the things that has been helping a lot. Along with books obviously. When I thought about Srilanka, I just went ahead. So glad I did. It was such a wonderful place. I have posted few pictures in this post. Came back from Lanka two days back and I didn't get a chance to unpack as I'm off to Gokarna with friends tomorrow.. Yay.. :) Will post pictures here once back.

Here are few pictures :


  1. Do what makes you happy. Life is all about making our self happy. Life is all about exploring so keep exploring. Ups and down are there for all can't be avoided. but never stop to live. Do what makes you happy. cheers my freind! :-)

  2. Whatever happens is for d good ..think so n move on..ur really a strong n brave girl..neerja reminded of ur bravery n patience..u tried ur best so that things could work out..but that didn't happen..But u with ur confidence hv sorted things on ur own which is commendable..keep going dear n m sure u will be d happiest person ever ...soo soo proud of u Kavya :)

    1. Dipti.. Thanks a lot.. We have spoken about this several times over the past two years and I have to say it again that your words push me to try harder at this so called Life and become a better person than I am today. Thanks for everything. :)