Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Singapore..!!!!! We loved you.. :)

So this month for me was all about Singapore. Yay..!!!! :)

Mum and I went to Singapore on a holiday and had great time. This was the first time we were taking a break together. She deserved it completely. As for me, I was OK travel to any place. Mum decided we should be heading to Singapore. Also November was right time to visit. Christmas deco was awesome. From little candy shops to Malls, everything was decorated for the festival. Weather was perfect too. Bit of rain in the evening. it was for less than an hour. So usually we were having our evening coffee and it used to start raining. We used to sit back relaxed and watch the rain. At one point, we both took out our books and started reading at the coffee shop. She's into books too now 'cos of me.. I like that. Trying to get dad into reading. Not happening at all.

We met wonderful people there. Have become such goof friends in 5 days that mum n I already miss them. we met three couples and one of them stay very close to my place. So hoping to make plans to meet here as well.

Here are few pictures from the trip. :)


  1. Very nice photos Kavya! Makes it even more special with your mom around..What is this place in the 3rd and 4th photo? looks amazing. Btw, I haven't ventured out of India so far. And I couldn't imagine that my Mom and dad would get a chance to travel overseas before me :D They are also going to Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala lumpur in Dec. And am extremely happy for them. Will ask you for some tips or places to visit if need be!

    1. Hii.. :) Its Marina Bay.. Beautiful place..

      Hope your parents have a great holiday..!!! So happy for them. :)

  2. Awesome pics dear :)