Friday, September 4, 2015

Green Tea

I've been drinking a cup of Green Tea everyday for almost 4 years now. How do I know its made a difference to my body? I don't feel any different. I wasn't concerned about weight loss and have never bothered to check. I do work out in the gym for an hour or so during the weekdays to stay fit. Again not because I was asked by my doctor or anything. This is another question that's been running in my mind. So many ask why do I run/walk/cycle in the gym when I am not "fat". I do feel a bit angry when i hear this 'cos 1. So what if I am not size 0? 2. Should we work out only to lose kilos? 

Coming back to my Green Tea question, how exactly would I know that its good/bad for me? Also, Is one cup a day fine? I've heard people say three cups are good. Somehow I haven't drank more than one a day. So what is right and what needs to be changed? Any answers would help.


  1. Don't know about the green tea thing, as I myself don't have it.But am planning to.. But it's highly surprising to see people viewing exercise as a means to reduce weight only, not to stay fit and healthy in general. Keep carrying on Kavya,. next time just tell them, staying fit gives a good feeling from the inside, not just physically.

    1. Thanks..!!! :)

      Working out is just so great. I never knew..