Thursday, July 30, 2015

Travel and Reading

Its been a long time since i wrote anything. Don't remember if i wrote about my Kerala trip. Since that trip, all I have been doing with my work friends is planning other small getaways. We have so many plans that pretty sure 80% of them just stay as plans and nothing more. :) We have a small holiday planned for the first weekend of coming month to Pondicherry. Eagerly waiting for it. Its so much fun with my work friends 'cos we all have similar interests and in spite of few clashes, we patch up soon and go out to celebrate the patch up.

I have also been reading a bit. Right now I'm completely into Penny Vincenzi books. There is something amazing in her books that has me hooked to it. From the cover page till the end, I just cannot say its boring. If you have a look at her books, you will say that the girl in the picture is beautiful and there must be an interesting story behind her. At first to be frank, just the gown worn by the girl in one of her book made me pick it up. I didn't even read a bit about the book at the back. Since then, I have been going to bookstore few times only to find her books. 

Right now reading her "The Best of Times". Actually i started this one yesterday and waiting to go home from work only to continue. 


  1. Hey Kavya, how are you? Seems you are gonna finish reading double the target of books you wanted to read this year! :) BTW, it has been a long time since I last commented here. Been a bit busy, disillusioned and confused abt life and still continue to.. But back to normalcy ;) keep writing, gonna read your posts regularly again. Will start writing myself again in my ignored blog, again, with a vengeance! :)

    1. Hi Arnab, Im doing great. Thanks.. How are you? :) Do write more in ur blog.. Make time. :) I have been free most weekends and its good to be back to reading full time. I love it..!!!!