Thursday, March 10, 2016

Delhi, Darjeeling and Sikkim Post

I'm back..!!!! Feels good to login to Blogger and start typing. Although not sure what exactly. :)

Nowadays all i can think, talk and plan about is travel. This is all I have in mind. What can i do? Travel alone keeps me happy most times now. I am constantly thinking about where next. So, I was away on a super duper trip with Nisha, Gokul, Arjun and Padmaja to Delhi, Darjeeling and Sikkim last whole week. It was just so awesome. Time really flies when you are having fun with your loved ones and this is exactly what happened to us all. When we boarded our flight back to Bangalore, We were all quite and I was only thinking about how could one week pass so quick? 

We clicked a LOT of pictures and they r all so lovely. I'm usually not happy with the way I look in pictures, but here obviously real happiness showed on the clicks as well. I have posted few of them here. :) 

Will post some more later. Also Where Next? Hopefully Wayanad.. :)

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