Friday, April 28, 2017

Busy Busy Busy.

I can't believe how long I've been away from my blog. Been extremely busy with work that gives me close to no time to do anything else. I have somehow managed to eat when hungry and sleep when sleepy. This is totally a new phase as I was never this busy at my previous workplace. This is challenging and obviously tough. Nothing good comes easy right?

I was so lagging behind on my reading that one day I just woke up from sleep and decided this is too much and I must make time to read. So started reading for 20 minutes before sleep. All these years, I couldn't manage to sleep without reading. But physical tiredness beats everything. Since the day of new job, my energy was drained every single day. All i did was have dinner and drop to bed. I did not like this. No. So decided little time has to be given to books no matter what. 

Same time as I took this oath, there was a book sale. This was a sign obviously.. :) So ran to this sale and picked up as much as i could. Someone like me can never have enough books. Its pure happiness to find them all waiting to be held and read by me. 

I started with two beautiful books (pictures below). One was a simple story written with so much love that i was completely immersed in it. I'm talking about "Recipes for a perfect marriage". I just couldn't put this one down. Beautifully written and loved it. Really gives us a great recipe to a great marriage. This one's going to be one of my fav and will be read over and over again by me coming years.  

Last week I read "Plan B" by Emily Barr. Goodness. This one scared me. Its about a man who cheats. Big time. Wife and girlfriend together kinda story. This freaked me so much. Wonder how these situations are handled by those who go through it. I still feel so angry when i think about this one. Had tears flowing while reading. At some point in book, it felt so strong that couldn't continue reading. I had to put it away, take some time and then come back. 

I need to start reading full time and also watch movies. Waiting for GOT.. :) 

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