Thursday, April 26, 2018

One year later :)

Its been almost a year since i wrote something here. Hoping to get back on this. 

Its been a lovely, busy year for me. There was a lot of travel, partying, meeting people and just having fun. All this happened 'cos I was dating this really nice guy who knows how to enjoy life. He knew what's important unlike me who until recently thought working, earning and saving was the goal. I did enjoy a bit but there was always a thought back in my mind that something will go wrong, someone will hurt me, i will fall and get hurt. Letting go wasn't my strong point. 

Lot of things changed when my first marriage ended. It wasn't a brutal end, but it hurt. I had no intention of meeting anyone, start dating or whatsoever. Just like what we've heard, things happen when you least expect it. So on my birthday, this guy who studied in the same college as me, sent birthday wishes on Facebook, i promptly replied with "Thanks". Not once did i think it would lead to something serious. We started talking about our lives. We spoke about my divorce, his break up, heartbreaks, broken dreams, moving on, his interest in Football, my lack of interest in it and so on. Few days of phone calls, ice cream meetings and breakfast dates, we were serious about dating and building a relationship. Obviously we were both scared 'cos of our past relationships. We did have some fights and arguments over opinions. Well, this is common isn't it? :) 

We traveled a lot. This was the best part of our relationship. It wasn't about the destination, was always about the drive, friends, food, music, new places, people and most importantly being with him. This brought us close. Made us understand each other's life more and what kinda life we would like to lead. This is where I explored some aspects of my own life. I had never spent time in the nature. I had never trekked, stayed in a tent, watched the stars lying on uneven land of a beautiful forest. He made me do these, knew how to make me experience these. He did not force me to or did any marketing tricks :) I realized that good company s all that matters. Met his wonderful friends who are now my friends too :) I used to be a bit of a snob, wanting luxuries and not stepping out of my comfort zone. But these people are helping me get out of this. I like to believe that there's been a lot of change in me. Long way to go too. 

I got married to this beautiful soul on 11th of February 2018. His name's Regin and he is a Football Coach. My heart melts when i see him with kids. He loves kids and I love him more for this. He's a natural with kids. We had a very simple wedding, but it turned out to be exactly what we wanted. We sang, danced, ate good food and were thanking our stars to have found each other. All that we've both gone through in our past, break ups, crying sessions is totally worth it. If this was where we were supposed to reach, then the entire journey so far has been a good learning.

Our big day :) Yay!!!

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