Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let me have a meal in peace

Why do you love talking? 

If i'm replying in a word or two, can't your peanut size brain understand that i'm not interested in what you are talking about? Don't think i've no opinion about what you are saying. I just don't want to be rude to you by saying it.

Sometimes its nice to have a quite lunch.. ok? At a table of six, if more than three are not showing interest or even looking at you while you are explaining in detail about your fifth grade sports day, i advice you to talk to yourself in your head. It helps. Trust me. Just don't make the lip movements, its scary.

If i want the recipe.. I will ask. Promise. Please don't start your "How to cook" lecture. I'm really not into cooking and can't even name more than four vegetables.

Because i can't tell you all this in person, hoping you read my blog and realise its YOU i'm talking about. 

P.S : While talking to yourself in your mind, smiling thinking about how awesome you are is fine. It boosts your confidence. 

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