Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Am tip tare

There's something weirdly nice about being a loud typer. I love it so much that i've been watching videos on YouTube of people who have recorded their typing. Awesome people i must say. 

My intention is not to disturb someone or pretend to look busy. I've growm past the stage of pretending to look busy at work. 

Had not even given this a thought till a colleague of mine pointed it out to me few days back. Then it hit me real hard. Been thinking a lot about this and even did a bit of  research and found that its nothing to worry about. The three articles i read about loud typing did not mention it as symptom to dysthymia or bipolar. So i'm good. 

But anyways next time i'm asked "Why are you crazy" or "Why are you awesome".. i've got my answer. I'll make a really happy or extreme sadness face and say "I type loud"   happy face for awesome question and sad one for crazy. 

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