Monday, July 23, 2012

Don't Wassupp Me

Hate it when i get a "wassupp" message. The one who has sent it think its "cool" and would obviously be expecting an equally "cool" reply from me. I don't even feel like replying as i cant think of anything to say. So end up saying "Nothing much.. How you"  

I would prefer "How you doing" or "What you been upto" to which i can always send a looong message.. :-) 

Another issue i have is one word messages. I pour my heart out in a message and all you can think of saying is "ok"  ??  Do you wish to get slapped by me or something?? 

Now that i think of it, guess i should start writing letters to all my friends. If you reply to my letter saying "hmm. ok".. You are no more my friend and will get a HATE letter from me  to which you don't need to reply.

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