Friday, July 6, 2012


I hate people who say things like "You've gotta love yourself no matter what"   We are all born to spread love"  "I am in very good terms with myself" "I have travelled to more than five countries but i love India" "I have oats for breakfast everyday" "Love my new Samsung galaxy S3"  "I call my boyfriend honeybun" "I call my gal Shona"  "I dont think Domestic Violence Act is needed in India" 
"I drink water only from Tupperware bottle" "What's Google?"  "I hate sugar"
"I love bikes.. What's Ducati? "  "Yes i drink....  slice and mazaa" "OMG"  "LOL" 
"I love gardening.. have three plants at home"  "I love making friends.. facebook and twitter? just waste of time"  

I hear such things around me all the time.. yet i'm normal. 

I am. 

Really. I'm proud of myself.