Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why is it Yellow Umbrella ??

It took me more than 2 months to come up with my blog title. It was changed more number of times than my blog theme. Girl Goes Blog (copied Clever Girl Goes Blog) to Kavya ( couldn't think of anything else) to I Can Blog to Droplets. I was not happy with any of those. I even went through the site "700 unique blog titles".. couldn't understand more than 500 titles. :-(  I went crazy looking for my blog title. 

Few days back, was just looking at my closet (girls like me usually do that) and i found my grandma's gift (Yellow Umbrella). It made me happy looking at it. My grandma has always given me five hundred bucks as my gift on birthdays or just when she felt like giving. So it was strange when i got this Umbrella from her few months back.

Anyways.. its Yellow and i love it..!!!  Sooo.. my blog title is YELLOW UMBRELLA... Yay..!!! :-) 

My umbrella looks just like this..!!!

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