Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tic Tac

We all have our own addictions right? Like shoes, bags, phones and stuff. Well, my addiction is Tic Tac nowadays. God.. I eat them like every two hours. I want to stop. But need something else. Is orbit better than Tic Tac? Or worse? I'm going crazy just thinking about my addiction. Praveen hates it when i eat these and he's secretly been throwing the boxes I'm sure 'cos just two days back i bought three of them and can find only one.

Praveen : After reading this, if you send me a message apologizing for throwing Tic Tac, you are going to have a tough day tomorrow.


  1. I dislike Tic Tac but I love the cute boxes the come in. I use them to store my earrings ;)

    1. Oh yeaa.. that's a great idea.. I had so many boxes.. Will start saving them if i can't let go of this addiction.. :)