Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Burrrp..!!! Ewwww

I have a problem with an employee at my work place and i absolutely have no idea how to get it solved.

There's this man who walks by my desk every afternoon and burps. Very loud. Everyday. Every single day. This is irritating to the extent of requesting for change of place and i hate to do this 'cos i love my present place as the lights are low, temperature is perfect, great view and much more.

Point here is what can be done to stop this man from burping when he walks by my desk? Now don't think I've not tried to do anything about this. I don't complain without putting an effort first to solve the problem. I have stood up and given him disgusted look, have said the word "disgusting" pretty loud just so he could hear. Have made my friend to give him horrible looks along with me. None of this has worked. I can't wait for this man every afternoon and run away when he is walking towards my desk. I'll be wasting lot of time.

So is there anything I can do to stop this? Please help me my dear readers.

P.S : Is there anyone still reading this blog? Hmm.. I doubt.