Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let Go

"Let go"

Everyone says this after listening to your problems with life. Few months back, I even wrote a post on how letting go makes us better end of the day. Now i say it all depends on situations. I think when i wrote the post, the situation was pretty fine for me to take sometime and let go. But i didn't know back then that there will be many many situations which are very serious and letting go would be just not possible. I have tried and still try when such instances occur. Letting go or just trying to forget it is a horrible feeling too. Already we are hurt 'cos of something bad, then when someone tells you in just few words to let go of it, it makes you irritated as what they are saying is actually good for us but we are unable to follow it.

Why is everything so complicated? Why can't life just be simple? Guess its too much to ask for. Too too much.

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