Monday, July 28, 2014

Past Life Regression

This past weekend has been all about finding more about my inner self, what is it that's making me going through lot of tough times in life, what do i need in my future and lot many things that can't be expressed in words by me. Its all just the feeling and thinking i guess at some point.

Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law who suggested this Past Life Regression two day session by Dr. Newton Kondaveti and his wife Dr. Lakshmi. To be very frank, I have absolutely no interest in all this. But i went ahead and attended Two-day Workshop on 'Past-Life-Regression & Spiritual Science'. I went there with no expectations whatsoever. Maybe this is the reason i found it a bit interesting and it kinda worked for me. Of course it din't give me answers to most of my questions which were formed during the sessions. But i met so many wonderful people and really think this was the part which i liked the most. There were many group activities which were fun and simple. Lot of meditation was done. It was my first try and so could not concentrate or my logical mind didn't let
me go deep into it. Maybe this is the reason i could not get the most out of the workshop. 

My logical mind told me several times that all that's coming to my mind while meditating was just me assuming or making up stories only 'cos i want to have an experience. But there were also others like me who felt the same. So i felt better. But there were also people who believed what images they saw in their mind during meditation was real and it had a connection to their present life. Now this is where it freaked me up a bit. I did see lot of images of myself not being the way i am right now. So what was it? Just me assuming or it does have a connection to my present life? Answer was to meditate as much as possible everyday and reach a place within myself where it feels a true connection to everything i am going through.

One of my main area to concentrate coming from this workshop is definitely managing my anger and frustration better. I have been working out everyday for about 40 minutes. This is helping me stay fit in body. So is Meditation the working out tool for the Mind? I sure want to find this out. Its just that making time to meditate is what i need to think about and do it.

If anyone wants to know more about what I'm talking about, Please check the link :

Here are few photos from the workshop.

My sister receiving the certificate


  1. hey thts really nice kavya..even i want to control my anger..sometimes feel d need to speak to someone abt this..good u hv suggested this link..i will go thru n try to get d best out of this ..

    1. Hey.. I know.. I always felt there was a huge need in me to work on it.. But finally i did.. :) Hope it helps u