Monday, May 18, 2015

Ishq And Mushq

I read the book "Ishq And Mushq" by Priya Basil over the weekend.

Really enjoyed this one. At times I did feel it could have been shorter in telling us what  it wanted to over many many pages. It was my first time knowing about Sikhs and their culture. Its fascinating to know their cultural preferences and superstitions. It was particularly nice for me to read about Sikhs's habits in the UK and how different they feel with the same habits in India. I kinda wish there was more of food in this one. I actually picked this book thinking there is a lot of food in it and maybe there it plays a huge role in their lives. But it didn't. What i really liked was the way a secret was handled by everyone in the plot even after it being known by all. Don't think I can ever be that way with a secret.

I read that this is Priya Basil's first book. Have to say its really good being the first one. Looking forward to read more from her.


  1. This book sounds interesting ...No one can keep a secret wid themselves ..hehe ..especially for ladies difficult to keep up to ourselves ...