Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm sure 90% of the working population hate Fridays as its too close to the weekend. To me, it just does not matter. I wait for Mondays. This kinda proves that i have no social life. Its high time i do something about it. But its strange that right now i don't feel like going out with friends, don't feel like watching movies or even go shopping.

Apart from that, work life's AWESOME..!!!!

I love working with Oracle. People in my team are great. They are friendly, eat a lot, ever ready to listen to your stories, give importance to gossip, much more importance to Online Shopping, play games, plan vacations and many more. 

At Oracle, we don't work hard.. we work smart. People here taught me how to manage time for work and fun. There are lot of fights, misunderstandings but end of the day, we patch up. I love that about my team.

When nothing was going good in my life, my friends at work helped me a lot. I'm so grateful to them. 

Thanks a lot guys..!!!

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