Friday, April 5, 2013

B'day Post

Past two days I've heard my family and friends ask me "what plans for birthday?" so many times that I'm actually wondering if staying home is not considered normal anymore.

I understand its normal for anyone to ask this question and sometimes even i ask this same question to others. I'm going to stop though 'cos every time I'm being asked what i plan to do on my birthday, can't think of much to say. I'm not into getting dressed up for hours, paying out of my budget to have a meal or to attend a party, look at extremely thin girls wearing awesome clothes that i don't think can afford for next few years ( even if i start saving from next month), feel jealous and come back home tired. I've done this during college days and I'm pretty sure was not happy about it back then too, but did it anyway 'cos didn't have enough sense to decide on what suits me and obviously didn't want to feel left out. Just followed the crowd. But i don't regret. Have had fun those days and made great friends in between.

Back then, my best friend and I used to take more than five hours to just planing our birthdays. Used to make list of things to buy for the day n everything. It was fun. Now things aren't the same. There's no planning. I might have lunch or dinner with friends. Or might even just stay home with family. It really doesn't matter to me much if i go out on birthday or not. During college days, when anyone asked about plans, used to have lot of answers. Now i just say "Nothing much, as usual".

This is not feeling old or sad about anything. I'm happy about spending my birthday like any other normal day.


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  2. Wish you a very happy birthday :-) it's your day..enjoy in whatever way you feel like...

  3. The best thing to do on one's birthday for me is to invite one's close circle of friends and give them a treat at a not so extravagant yet decent restaurant. Partying doesn't make much sense to me on a birthday.. the only dilemma i have faced over the years when i have been at home during birthdays was to make sure that i spent a good part of the day with my parents apart from roaming around with friends. This birthday i was neither at home, nor had friends to call. So all i could do was distribute dairy milk to my colleagues ;) But as opposed to what you said, i do feel the need to do something special on birthdays. I just can't take it as a normal day :)

    1. I would love to distribute dairy milk to my friends too.. :-)

      Its nice to know that few like you do something special on birthdays.. :-)