Friday, April 12, 2013

Post after a week..!!!!

I have been so busy that nothing other than work has been on my mind. But exactly ten minutes back, something made me leave everything behind and just click on "create new post" and start typing. As expected, i don't really have anything to say. But just the fact that i did leave work behind to write a post is making me super happy. I feel like a writer..!!

Lets keep another fact aside that real writers might wake up middle of the night or not finish a meal just to run to their dark writing room (with simple yet great furniture and perfect lighting) and come up with a thought provoking article or a whole book that would in future win an award. But that's not me. I am at my work place, next to a colleague saying " system's too slow" every two minutes, on a floor that's not lit well (saving electricity) , with the irritating air conditioner sound, typing this post with nothing on mind.

Anyways as per Google's first meaning, a writer is A person who has written a particular text. So i can obviously call myself a writer.

Second meaning is "A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation."

Lets just consider first one. 


  1. Suddenly, I see a total change in you..from last 15 -20 days i feel..particularly since your post 'what next'..btw who is the person reason for that i know him/her..but can i ask u someting? Are you in love? or still in confusion..someting kinda..plz dont mind me asking all this..i am saying jus bcoz i always know you as a fun loving gal but these days i dont see that at all...all i can say is when love has to happen will ones present life shudn't be affected..all this may even be untrue / rubbish but i just wrote what i felt coz someone said only a true friend can see the reality behind the fake hope u wont mind all this..

    1. Ha ha.. :-) I am not in love Jayanth.. And I just wrote the previous post in general.. Thanks for your concern.. I've been so busy with work which you are aware of..

      Thanks for reading.. :-)