Thursday, November 14, 2013

Auto Driver

My colleague travels in an auto rickshaw every evening to reach home from work. I have heard her complain quite a lot on the drivers on how rude they are and stuff. This is very normal in Bangalore. I usually don't fight or even argue with the drivers and do have lot of patience with them. But there has been days when I've felt like calling the cops to complain. Anyone who's been living here has had a bad experience with the auto drivers at least once.

But today the same colleague of mine told me about the driver who dropped her home yesterday. He is 88 years old ex army man, who's Hindi was the best she had heard from anyone till now. He was very nice and spoke well to her. His elder son works in the Navy and the younger one works in Bangalore as an Automobile Engineer. Stays in Banashankari with younger son. He told my colleague about how his sons are unhappy about him driving an auto in Bangalore. He does it as its his passion. He wants to be a driver till his last breath. Its not for money as his sons earn quite well and also gets house rent. He loves being a driver and it keeps him active.

I felt so good hearing all this. Thought someone like him don't really exist and its only in the movies or books where we come across such amazing people. Knowing they really exist makes me feel so good. Also inspires me to work. There has been days when i just want to quit my job, read books, watch movies, sleep for more than ten hours. 

Hearing bout people like this driver makes me look lazy and old. Am i not passionate about my job? Of course i am. Laziness has not come to his mind ever. Else he could just stay home all day. But he won't 'cos working keeps his mind active. And this is absolutely true. Sometimes during the weekend when I'm home doing nothing, i feel i've not given any work to my mind and its had good 48 hours of sleep.

This was the right time to hear about the driver in my life. I am so inspired. All i want to do is work harder and keep myself active and occupied.

Would like to thank my colleague Sutapa Dey for telling me about the driver. Hope i get to meet him one day.

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