Thursday, December 19, 2013

Right or Wrong

Somebody treats you bad, real bad. What do you do? Take it all in and stay quite for few days. These few days you tell yourself you are better than the one who hurt you as you are still treating them well. You are quite, staying calm and hoping they would change in few days. But they don't. Days, months and sometimes you even give them years to change. But they don't. Think what they do and think is the best. Think they have every right to hurt you in any or every way possible.

Now, when you realize the change in them is never ever going to happen, is it bad on my part to give them a taste of their own medicine? Why not treat them the way they treat me just to make them realize how horrible it feels? I am no saint to get hit by every stone that's been thrown at me. I know there is a saying that goes something like build a house with the stones thrown at you or something of that sort. I've heard so many things by very positive people that ignore their words and actions and move ahead of them. But how practical and how easy is that to someone semi positive person like me? I can't stay quite forever. I will give it back one day and it be the end of my respect toward that person.

I don't think I'm being terrible in doing this. Nobody can and should tolerate such things for a long time. I'm just very angry right now. Not going to type anymore.


  1. hey u knw what I hv gone thru a similar situation sometime back..these ppl r habituated to hurt others,they wont change ...make them feel tht they jst dont exist for u ...y get angry n spoil ur mood by thinking abt them..just let go ...stay calm :)

    1. Yes.. I'm doing this Ignore thing and its kinda working now.. Lets see if there s any difference in few days or months.. :)