Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Challenge Continued with Kindle.. :)

Since getting Kindle as my Anniversary gift, All I've been doing is downloading loads of books and reading continuously. This is exactly what i plan to do for the next few months or years. :)

I read "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" by Jennifer E. Smith. This was the first book i read in kindle. Its a really nice book. Its about a girl who meets a nice man on a flight to her dad's wedding right after him divorcing her mom. The guy's traveling to his dad's funeral but we get to know this only much much later in the book. Anyways it was a good read. 

Second one was "Silence" by Natasha Preston. Now this one I really liked as the girl in the book stopped talking at the age of five. After a long time, I came across a book with the kinda story that had me hooked into it every single minute. I read it in like three hours and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend this one to everyone. The characters are great. Especially the hero of the book.

Then i read this book called "Double Dare" by Rhonda Nelson on my way to office in the bus today. Can you believe that I actually finished the book in the bus? Yes, I took two hours to reach my office from home. I stay crazily far from work. :( Its a good thing i got Kindle now.. :) Yay. Anyways, I have nothing much to say about this one. It was OK. Good time pass kinda book.

Its so confusing now to choose books to read as i have so many options. :) I love this feeling.!!!


  1. I know this feeling.. and am myself going through this phase (reading books comes naturally to me, but more so nowadays to escape the boredom at work! :P)
    The more i read and the more i surf through the gargantuan shelf of extraordinary books that 'goodreads' prescribes, i feel so bad that I have so much still to read to cover even a drop of this large ocean of books, that we are privileged to have been gifted by so many marvelous writers over thousands of yrs.
    I would suggest that you try a book each of the numerous genres that exist. That's the best way to widen our reading horizon..I am sure you will love the variety of options that will open up for you.. :) By the way, i recently read, 'Helen Keller's autobiography (the story of my life) and 'Oleander Girl by Chitra devi. Both were amazing..

    1. I really like Goodreads. There are so so many for us to choose from. :) Just love it.

      "Oleander Girl" sounds nice. Will read for sure. :) Thanks a lot for your suggestion Arnab.