Friday, August 1, 2014

Dirty White shoes

I'm never ever buying another pair of white ballerinas. It looks so pretty on the shelves that every time I get tempted and buy them. Just after a week or two, it looks like I've bought a really dirty ugly looking shoes.  Its obvious that i can't maintain them or wear them only when I'm going to be traveling in car to every place. But my mind won't work this way. I wear them without considering the weather conditions and traveling options. Wear them when its rainy and have to take the public transport. I'm stupid or what? Oh yes I am. 

I feel so bad looking at my new pair which has already turned brown due to dust, rain and wind. Can't help it. But for sure I'm not going to buy another white pair. Will probably just buy brown or dirty grey ones so that i won't feel sad later.

I should just start wearing rubber boots to office, dinner or any other place i guess..:(

Mine looks as dirty as this one.


  1. aww thts really sad..but it always happens wid white..we get tempted to buy n unable to maintain it...cheer up..