Monday, September 8, 2014

Mary Kom - Movie

I don't want to write about anything else other than Priyanka Chopra. I have been a fan of her from Barfi. Before that I haven't really watched any of her movies and was impressed or anything. Infact I didn't even think that she would reach to this amazing acting level in her life. Wow. Her choice of movies or the offers given to her are so good that she is showing success it it. Anything she does now is a big hit. It should be. I mean look at her, she's improved so much in the past few years. I remember watching Krish long back and shutting it off in few minutes. But Barfi and Mary Kom cannot just go away from anyone's heart. 

I watched Mary Kom yesterday with Praveen and we loved every part of it. Nothing was dragged or there wasn't a scene that made us start looking around to comment on something or someone. This usually happens to us in theaters. Fact that this didn't happen while watching Mary Kom proves how much we loved it. Praveen had tears in his eyes. So imagine. Few I've spoken said they loved "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" more. Maybe because every little detail was shown considering how the movie was a really long one.

I actually liked Mary Kom more for as the movie was short, felt nothing was missed, Priyanka's made a great body and also amazing acting. Apart from this, i loved Darshan Kumar who has played the role of Mary Kom's husband. His character in the movie is just so wonderful. Wish every husband becomes as caring, loving and ego-less like him.


  1. hey even i loved d movie..laughes cried n more than anything inspired me a lottt...priyanka's acting has improved a lot ...loved her..think no other actress cld pull off this role other than her..superrr...hey even Finding Fanny is nice,,kinda different".

    1. Oh really? I want to watch Finding Fanny too. Maybe coming weekend.. :) Really liked Deepika's clothes in the movie.. :)

    2. yeah she looks stunning as makeup at all :)