Monday, September 22, 2014

Long Weekend..!!

I'm so so fed up with my routine and just traveling from home to office and back home at late night. Just need a vacation. I have four days off  from work October first week, So its perfect timing for me to go away from Bangalore and its people. Nothing against 'cos i absolutely love few people here, But i feel there is a need for me to meet new people, just roam around the lanes I have never been in and eat something other than the usual food. You know sometimes how you want something new and move away from the routine.

Trying to make some plans and nothing seemed to be working as of now. I also want to take my mum away from home for few days as she hardly gets out of the house nowadays. So my idea is to just choose a place and go there by bus. I usually am the type who books everything before leaving home and make numerous to calls to make sure rooms are booked, tickets are ready and things like that. But i don't want to do this at all this time. I just want to have a place in mind and leave. Lets see what happens. Will write about it here for sure if it works. :)

Hope for the best.

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