Friday, October 10, 2014

Half Girlfriend

Its been such a hectic week. Oh god. Can't believe its already Friday. But am i glad that it is? Oh yea..!! I'm just going to spend the next two days sleeping and reading. Will try to go see my niece and nephew. Its been long time i spent time with them. When we had long weekend, my niece traveled to Mangalore with her parents and I spent whole four days in shopping. Yes. It was high time that i bought clothes. So took mum along and did some serious shopping as we didn't travel out of Bangalore.

Other than that there are quite a few things going on in my life right now. Whole morning is spent with me cooking and cleaning the house. Then my cab arrives and I'm at office. Spending around four hours everyday at work in dance practice as we are planning a flash mob at office. Its like letting the employees know that Shreya Goshal is going to perform for Oracle on November 1st. So yea. Lot of preparations going on for that. We are so excited about it.

I also read "Half Girlfriend" and really liked it. Not because this story was so realistic to me, also because Chetan Bhagat continues to hold the interest of many Indian readers. The whole book was good and i read it at one go. Felt it was a bit short though. I liked it a lot.

One of my colleague who wasn't a close friend of mine has been traveling with me in the cab and we have been talking a lot about movies, life, books, meditation and things like that. He is really nice and he's actually Praveen's good friend. I started talking to him recently. He has got this huge collection of great movies and has been suggesting good ones for me to watch. So last weekend, I watched "Dallas Buyers Club" and I can't believe that Matthew McConaughey was this awesome. God. I completely loved his and Jared Leto's character and acting in this movie. I'm going to watch all Jared Leto's movies. :)

Just remembered that i have finished reading 17 books out of my 20 Books challenge for this year. :) Yay.!!!!

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  1. hey thts awesome..ur close to completing ur book challenge...even i read half girlfrd n loved it..!!!