Monday, October 20, 2014

Sad thing

Its been so long since I wrote something when I've been hurt. That doesn't mean past months were filled with just happiness. I mean, come on, Is there anyone who has only happiness and nothing else everyday? I really doubt there is.

Last week there were few differences with few of my work friends. I call them friends 'cos they actually became friends to me from being just "Colleagues". I have very few friends actually. Other than the ones i spend all my weekends with, I used to have like three or four friends at workplace. The ones with whom you start getting close and start sharing lot of things, work and life. But last week something really small happened and it kinda changed the whole concept of work friends with me. Its not that we had a huge fight and stuff. But there were tears and sad part of it was the tears was just from me. I was most sad of all 'cos in the past 4 to 5 years, I had hardly got close to anyone at work. Something changed here and i became friends with people here. Just few of them. So when things went bad last week, I couldn't take it. Not because i was hurt by them. I was more hurt 'cos I was better 4 years back, when i didn't get close to workmates and kept it cordial. I let myself get close. So it was kinda my fault to have been hurt by them.

All I've been trying to do now is to go back to how i was 4 years back. As it was good for me.

On a happy note, There was a flash Mob at Oracle and it was awesome. :) Its on YouTube for the ones interested to watch.


  1. hey kavya wht happ..dnt worry..just be strong..u hv d nature of being friendly n caring but nt necessary everybody is as good as u. be careful while sharing ur personal life with work is always good to be cordial n nt very close..becoz u will be hurt d most than anybody else,..hmm...i hv experienced this thing several times..when u become more than just frds n ppl take u for granted n play wid ur careful dear..!!!

    1. Hi Dipti,

      You are so right.. Being too close is just us giving them a chance to talk about us behind our backs. Ive realized this now. :)

      Thanks a lot for your words again..!!


    2. Anytime..if u feel like sharing something wid me, consider me ur elder sister n tell off..maybe i may not help but can support u for sure !!!

    3. Aww.. Thanks again. :) U r just like Vidya to me..