Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Game of Doors

When one door closes, Another opens. This is what I've heard for the past so many years. Is it really how it happens in life? I mean there are instances where this has happened to me. But not all the time. Or am i not able to recognize the new door being opened? If so, how can we do it? Its obvious that when one door closes, We are shattered, angry and lose hope in everything. So if the concept of new door being opened is true, shouldn't we be able to realize the door being opened just so we can start feeling better.

Also we have no idea what exactly the new door brings us right? We might not really want that and would like to have something else. Shouldn't we get what's required? I'm still thinking a lot on this. Obviously i won't have all the answers.

As an example, lets imagine that our career falls horribly apart and same time you fall in love with someone. So its true that a door closed and a door opened. After few days, your relationship goes bad and find a great job. So you see what I'm trying to talk about here? Its crazy. Are we programmed by God in such a way that we just can't have everything fall into right place and stay that way? I mean doesn't He want us happy? Or He wants to see us happy for a short time and give them something bad to handle. Hmm.. This is not nice at all.

But i also know that we cannot learn the true value of happiness unless we know what sorrow is.

OK. I'm back to my thinking mode and will write more if possible.


  1. Hey ur order to learn the true value of life n happiness..god keeps testing us in his own way !!! u knw till nw i havent gt this concept ki ek darwaza bandh toh 100 darwaze khul jaate hai ...i really cant understand..i hv never experienced this ?

    1. Oh.. 100 Doors? yes.. I have never experienced having so many doors open as well.. :)

      I just don't understand why God needs to test us so many times. :(

  2. I hope my comment appeared this time..

  3. I had commented in your last 2 posts, but it didn't appear..dont know whats the reason. I hope this one does. - It's going to be a long post. Upto you, you can post it or just delete it. But do read it atleast.. :)
    Few days back when i saw this post of yours, I had a different answer in mind - almost on the same lines that God wants to put us in tough situations in life so that we can come out of our comfort zone and learn to handle even tougher situation/responsibilities that may come in our respective lives ahead.

    But this thought process has changed rapidly in past few days. I can't write all the details here to make you understand. but what happened in short was that - i had been appearing for interviews for landing a job. I got so close in the 1st one abt 4 months back. got rejected in final round for some silly analytical question i couldnt answer. 2 months back, got thru 2 rounds. but in last round the interviewer (a sales guy) asked me something from his own domain while i have not done sales - Got rejected. In this one (a post mba type job again) 2 days back, had a terrific first round but the 2nd and final round interviewer asked some IT questions (have passed out from wipro 4 years back and did an mba, am i expected to remember everything?) - same result, rejection.

    What i want to say is, just when i thought the law of averages should apply on me to spare me misery and that too from absurd reasons (means type of questions asked in interview) that were mostly out of my control, it's failing every time. I believe I have arrived at the conclusion that as they say 'Nothing really happens for good or for any reason' is meaningless- It just happens, because they are meant to. The only cause i can attribute to it is our past Karma.

    Sorry for diverting from the exact original question you asked - 'How do we know if some other door has opened for us and if it has, which one is it?. I strongly believe that God doesn't leave you totally helpless when something bad happens. Call it a door or some kind of 'support system', he always leaves something which you can cling on to. You know what's the most efficient law of nature in my opinion? - The Law of Karma. Whatever you do, good or bad, miraculously it gets recorded somewhere without fail and affects you in some manner that you deserve. If you are a believer in God, just imagine what kind of huge endless task he has in his hands - to balance all the Karma in the world by causing the right effects. For a job post or a college seat, thousands might appear and give their best effort. but only one qualifies. You might think it was unfair to you as you put in a good amount of effort (and worse, after repeated past failures). but you don't know there are so many others like you. The lack of insights into the other side of the picture makes us go mad on why God is inflicting repeated injuries on us. Just remember, he has so many cause and effects to deliberate on, to arrive at the final decision that he chooses.

    If you think this way that God doesn't have a personnel vendetta on anyone, many of your miseries might get healed. It helps me atleast. So we should keep on fighting and continue doing whatever is possible for us. Atleast we wont regret in future that we didn't put our best effort. We will have our luck or fate to blame to.. :)
    I would love to write more on this. Even better I have loved to discuss and debate on such things. But alas, people don't have time to think on these apparently 'spiritual' trivialities it seems.. Glad to see that you put your mind on these things that helps us know ourselves and the Universe as a whole.

    1. Hi Arnab,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I did take a long time to read your comment 'cos i didn't want to miss out on thinking about even a single sentence.

      As you said, I have started thinking about Karma and I totally get it. I do believe in God, but not religion. To me, God is Higher power. Everything happens for good is what i've been telling myself everyday.

      Again, Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment. :) It really made me think a lot and I love it.! :)