Monday, November 24, 2014

A Million Little Pieces

I was walking around Malleshwaram 8th cross with my mum and saw a book sale going on. So obviously I had to go in and pick up few. My mum started looking around for recipe and kids books for my niece and I was looking for Fiction/Non Fiction ones. I just looked at the book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey and something about it made me buy it even without reading a bit at the back of the book. Maybe it was the cover. I picked it up along with few more and came home.

Its about James Frey and how he beats his addiction to Alcohol, Crack and lot of things. I was shocked the entire time. Took me three days to read it and all three days i was shocked to know that someone could go through all this and survive. Oh my god. I felt so bad for everything he had to come across but the same time felt angry that someone could choose to live with any kind of addiction even while knowing well enough how bad it is for you. In this book, It presses on the subject that nothing can beat your determination, Not any addiction, nobody. The part where James talks about how no program and therapy can get him out of it other than himself was just amazing. He knew very well what he got himself into. Later he knew very well how to get out as well. But the in between part where he got into lot of trouble and woke up injured very badly was sad to read about.

Just after i was done with this one, I looked up for his second book "My Friend Leonard" and saw that its the continuation. So obviously i am gonna read it next. But there were few things I came across while reading about James Frey today and should say i am a bit angry. I read that it was proved that lot of things in the book "A Million Little Pieces" were fabricated and even Oprah interviewed him regarding this. This kinda makes me angry at the author if its true.

Anyways this is not going to stop me from reading his other books. Lets see how it goes.


  1. Reminds me of Lance Armstrong and his autobiography 'It's not about the Bike'. It inspired me so much; Only to find out later that it was all a lie.. I hope Mr. Frey is not a cheat to that extent atleast, even though he might have fabricated some parts to sell his book. Atleast you got the message and inspiration. That's what matters..

  2. Oh my god.. Lance Armstrong having lied in his book? I can't believe this. Why do they need to do this? I don't understand.