Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If you could see me now

It was a long weekend for me. :) Sister is traveling on work and I had to stay home to help mum with the kids. Along with coming up with new ideas to keep the kids occupied, I also had a little time to read..!! Yay. So made good use of these four days to read two amazing books. Yes. Two books on a weekend is bliss to me.

I picked "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. Having been a huge fan of "P.S. I Love you" I always blindly pick up her books. There is something great about her writing. You could say there is magic in her books. I love that. Her books talk about life, love and moving on. Being at a stage in life where moving on is all i want, you could say i might be choosing books based on this. "If You Could See Me Now" is about Elizabeth Egan whose life is filled with work and her nephew who she adopted 'cos of her sister not bothered about the baby and his upbringing. He nephew Luke has a grown-up mysterious friend who falls in love with Elizabeth. After few days, she can see him too but not anyone else. I liked this a lot. God knows if this has ever happened to anyone. But i know a lot of kids who has these invisible kids. I really wonder if any of them can really see.

Another book i read in the past four days is "Airs and Graces" by Erica James. I absolutely loved this one. Its about Ellen whose husband abandoned her to live with another women. She decides that having been hurt for marrying for love, wants to get married now for money. So she plans to get married to her rich lawyer. What isn't planned in Love. Matthew, an artist, godson of Ellen's friend comes to her life. Its a very well written book. Not a moment i felt like keeping it down. I'm gonna buy "Tell it to the Skies" soon 'cos i loved Erica James writing style. :)

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