Friday, May 31, 2013

Birthday Post..!!!!

There are days when mum and I are like best friends and share our thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes. We can gossip and laugh about silly things for hours together. Fight with dad, tease and make him entertain us and stuff. But there are also those kinda days when we just don't seem to agree on anything which ends up in a huge argument and one of us or both in tears.

She's been of great support to me. Yes I've lied, cheated and got caught and made her lose trust in me a lot of times. But its never been a case where we've lost love for each other. At the most, we can manage to be angry for two days. Not more than that. Usually after two days, we start arguing on something or the same issue and come to a conclusion and decide on how to rectify the issue (most of the time, alteration in my behavior)

But sometimes after a lot of explaining (for more than a week i should say), she does change her mind and accept the change to make me happy. When she does this, i feel like changing a bit for her and give back the happiness. This has worked for us and I'm glad.

During our fights and arguments, I've told her several times and i would not be like her when i have kids of my own. But i have always and always taken back those words once anger came down. If being caring, loving, bit of controlling and supporting through everything is what being a Mom is. Then i would love to be exactly that. Just like my mum. She used to say, i would miss her a lot once married and living away from her. Had not thought about it till today. Now that I'm getting closer to that day of starting to live away from her, I'm bit scared on how i would cope. Would miss her so much. Her physical presence every morning and night. But she'll always be there for me. And I'm sure our small fights and arguments would continue. :-)

Its her birthday tomorrow and i thank her for everything. Absolutely everything.

Happy Birthday Amma..!!!! :-)


  1. mums are the only nurses for broken jaws and broken hearts a co blogger has rightly expressed on one of my post ... so true mums are the best friends and the ones who we can dare to fight with as well . We know she will mend up the gaps !!
    I wish your mother a very very hapy birthday and a long and prosperous and content life .. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for reading..!!! Will convey your wishes to her.. :-)

  2. "Amma accept the change to make me happy" #truth convey my wishes to your mother:) Great post.

    1. Belated Happy birthday to your mother.. I am sure you made her day :)