Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm back..!!!!!

My own blog seems like a strange place to me right now. Its been a long time i wrote anything. There were too many days when i questioned myself on what made me have a blog. Saying it was a busy month would just be me giving a stupid excuse 'cos we all know nobody can be that busy to not have few minutes to do what we love. Didn't i watch tv for an hour everyday? I did. Didn't i go through pictures in Facebook of girls wearing amazing shoes and feel jealous? I did. So i was not busy with work or anything. Its hard to explain what really happened. I guess its all about priorities. Can't really say.

I did think once or twice about writing but couldn't. It scared me 'cos blogging was something that was so close to me few weeks back and feeling it going away from me was not good. Not that i was great at it or anything. But it was mine. My way of expressing, complaining and feeling better about myself.

Realized something had to be done about this. But didn't know what. So i just took a paper and a pen. Blue gel pen and a blank paper, just like college days and started writing about my day. It was just normal "i did this" "i liked that" kinda stuff. Wrote few sentences but it made me feel so great. I guess nothing really goes away from us if we don't want it to. We just have to put a little effort to hold it back.


  1. Every task needs effort and inclination.I too had such strange phase in my life, but overcame it by sheer efforts and inclinations. Like your write.

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha.. even me too same words as of Jahid Bhai .. welcome back to the jungle :D

  3. Ah! I know the feeling .. the long and longer spells of Hiatus :D