Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting better

I had heard too many people say, being with those who think positive makes you think same way. When anyone said this to me, used to nod, smile and walk away 'cos i really didn't believe that was possible. And to some extent i was fine with myself not being able to think and be positive about everything in life.

I have a friend at work who is so positive about everything and anything, it made me wonder sometimes if its just a show off. Sad of me to question his attitude just 'cos i can't be that way. Working along and being his friend has actually made me think and look at the positive side of everything after few minutes of my negative what if things go wrong kinda attitude.

Its not changed my way of thinking but its made me better. I still think about what might go wrong when placed with a new situation. Spend few minutes worrying and even crying. But one big difference right now is i worry for five minutes, thinking about the worst scenario that could happen. Then i start thinking about the best possible scenario, which obviously make me happy. And then i forget about both to just wait and face whatever is meant to happen.


  1. Its thoughtful .. quite liked it yet trying to relate to it a bit more !!

  2. Being positive most of time gives you bit happy even though if the problem is not solved but, there's always a solution for each and everything. Cheers