Monday, April 28, 2014

2 States

I'm in a phase where watching movies is all that's happening in my life now. Think I'm watching one everyday.

Started with the movie "2 States" being the talk of Bollywood town now. Its a good, one time watch movie. Kinda felt lot of things have been missed out when compared to the book. But that was expected anyways. Arjun and Alia look cute together. Loved Alia's clothes and jewellery. Music is catchy and nothing in the movie is dragged. So there isn't a minute you would be bored. I watched with my mum and she really liked everything except few kissing scenes, where she just turned to me asked if this was necessary. Like i made the movie. I just told her to ignore and continue watching. :) 

I was happy to see Alia in this role. Kinda got irritated with her character in "Student of the year". Think "Highway" and "2 States" has changed my opinion on her acting skills.

Last week, I also watched Wedding Daze, Revenge of the Bridesmaids, The Yellow Handkerchief and Crazy Stupid Love.

Wedding Daze and Revenge of the Bridesmaids were fun, again one time watch. Really liked The Yellow Handkerchief. Kristen Stewart has done good acting and somehow i had not even heard of this movie till last week. This was suggested by YouTube to me and just clicked on it. Turned out to be a good one. Its a quite movie with a simple story. Really good and worth a watch. I had watched Crazy Stupid Love once before and forgotten all about it. Anyways it was a nice movie.

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