Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekful of Movies..!!

All i have been doing for past few days is work, watch movies and read books. I'm not just reading 'cos of the book challenge I've got myself into. Used to read not less than three to four books a month and few weeks back something made me realize that its not been the same. I wasn't busy or anything. But i hadn't read a book in months. Or took more than three months to finish just one. So decided to put on a challenge on myself to read not less than 20 books this year. I really want to read more than that.

Watching movies is something I'll always enjoy. So made time in between work, sleep and books to watch good movies. I have a list for this too. List of movies to be watched this year..!! God.. I've been making lists for everything. Anyways. Watched a few last week and plan to do the same this week as well. :)

Started with Dear John, followed by The Seven Year Hitch, Raising Helen, The Memory Keepers Daughter and William and Kate.

Really really loved Dear John and The Memory Keepers Daughter. Had read the books and was waiting to watch the movies. Finally did. Loved both. I don't know why i decided to watch the story of Prince William and Kate. It's OK. Not all that great. I had watched Raising Helen long back and kinda forgotten. Remembered liking it back then, so wanted to watch. Liked it all over again..!!

Now, I'm trying to make a list of restaurants to visit in Bangalore this year. Suggestions would be nice.. :)


  1. Try krishna grand, mumbaikars,golmal paratha..after trying these 3 restaurants ..give me your feedback ..will be waiting :)

    1. Wow.. Golmal Paratha sounds great.. Will try for sure.. :)