Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kids and their games..!!!

Those of you who have noticed the kind of toys kids are playing with nowadays would agree with me when i say they are complicated. What happened to kids just playing with spoons and forks and not bothering their parents for hours?

My niece has so many things at home most of which i don't ever remember coming across back when i was a kid. I see her playing Mastermind, Monopoly, Origami and some jewellery making kit. I thought she was wasting paper until she explained what exactly Origami was. Not that i had heard about Mastermind where one creates a code with colors and the other breaks the code. I knew Monopoly, although it was in college i played for the first time. I don't even have to talk about jewellery making kit. It involves so much work that i wonder why its considered a fun activity.

I'm trying to understand how things changed. As far as i remember, my toys were empty Nivea box, few weirdly shaped forks, kitchen or doctor set made of cheap plastic. And back then, it was considered very lucky to get kitchen set and sketch pens. Now kids have sketch pens of colors i can't even pronounce. And do you see kids playing Snake and Ladder or Ludo anymore? Nope.

They don't even want to play the Snake game in Nokia phones. I'm still trying to make a good enough score in that game to move on to Bounce. 


  1. Haha times sure have changed havent they :D At least your nephew is not glued to the computer.

    1. Oh yes.. I'm glad my niece is not stuck to computer.. :-)

  2. Hi Kavya,

    Snake was by-far the most popular game so far on the mobile platform. I loved playing that game, making the snake get even larger as the seconds rolled on. Those were lovely innocent days.
    Hey, even I played with my mom's empty cream boxes and broken lego toys, some of the toys had one hand, some no head but I made sure to keep names for each one of them :p :p :p
    Refreshing post :)

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    1. Wow.. :-) Nice to know Jay.

      Thanks for reading.!! And i did vote for your post.. :-) All the best..!!

  3. Nice one Kavs... Enjoyed reading it... Some of the toys you played with were aliens to me in my childhood! :-) Way to go... All the best!

  4. Hey Kavya...

    Very cute post.. :) took me back to my childhood days... Looks like running and catching, lock and key and tree to tree are not in the league to discuss too.. :)I totally agree with the nivea box... Reminds me of the chapathi dough that mom would give us to make models to play with.. I feel sad for the hurried life today has become for the kids... cause life is all about small pleasures.. and by the way.. i am stuck in bounce

    1. Thanks a lot for reading Aievie.. :-)

      I used to play with chapathi dough too.. I can never finish bounce.. :-(