Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Will find a way

There are so many phobias I have, sometimes wonder what in the world made me study psychology. Did i think studying about it would make the phobia go away? If back then i thought that way, its stupid of me 'cos none of my phobias have gone away. I'm still very very scared of lot of things in this world.  Water, Fire, Animals, Birds, Darkness, Heights, speed, needles or pointed objects, bees, clowns, dentists, shadows and many more i can't think of right now.

Most of all, I'm scared of lizards. I just hate them. HATE HATE HATE. Just the sight of them fill me with intense anger. I have given lot of trouble to mum about it. Every time i find a lizard at home i make sure mum kills it. She hates killing them but knows very well i don't eat or sleep till its killed. I can manage to kill the baby lizards though.

I don't pray much but every time a lizard is killed at home, i pray. Not for its soul to rest in peace. I pray to God that i don't see another one in my house. If you are a lizard lover and thinks I'm horrible. Please contact me. You are most welcome to come home and take your loved ones. I'll even pay you for that. Not more than fifty bucks a lizard.

And those of you who are just like me trying to come up with various methods to kill them, please let me know your tested and worked methods. My mum is losing her patience with me with these killings and never know when she might back off. I need a back up plan. Prefer methods which don't involve me touching them or even going near them. You know what I'm talking about right? If there is a spray or something that kills them or anything that prevents them from entering my house. Would be great.

Oh yea, forgot..Wish you all a Happy New Year.. :-)


  1. Wish you a very Happy New Year too :-)by the was psychology one of your subjects in your academic years?

    I think to have some phobia is normal. I have a bike riding phobia, after I met with an accident, I have never touched a bike :-(

  2. Thanks..!! Yes, Psychology was a part of my Masters. I don't ride bikes too.. :-)

  3. We should get over our fears and not kill the source ... because the source was never made to scare us but for some other purpose. Nelson Mandela once said " I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear"

    1. I knew you would say something along those lines.. :-) Its not as easy as we think. I don't enjoy the killings. Have tried for past god knows how many years to get over my fear of lizards. Nothing worked. Not worth losing my sleep and peace of mind over them.

      On a lighter note, My fear of lizard is spread over to Vagmi as well..;-)