Wednesday, January 16, 2013

V-Day Advice

We are close to that day of the year when gifts are expected, exchanged, compared, soft toys are bought which has a huge heart with words "I love you" written on it in cheap looking golden glitter. The day when beautiful tulips feel jealous of  red roses. Yes people. I'm talking about Valentine's Day.

My advice to guys :

1. Do not buy soft toys which are displayed in commercial street or any other street. Girls have walked around these streets and can easily identify the ones bought from there.

2. Move on from the typical gifts like red flowers, red jewellery box, red candles etc etc.. There is no rule written that the gift needs to be red in color.

3. Being artistic is great. Not when you take a sheet of paper, draw a heart and color it red.

4. If you plan to sing a song to her, consult your friend on good romantic songs, choose one and practice. If your friend is someone to whom "Hookah Bar" is a great song, Let God be with your girl while listening to your song. Also do not choose a duet number and expect her to sing. Its your gift. Don't make her feel uncomfortable.

5. Do not make her friend buy the gift. She might buy what your girl hates and what she likes with a motive of grabbing it during or after the fight. I mean the fight you would have with your girl over the gift.

6. Do not ask your girl what she wants on Valentine's Day. If she's a sweet girl, would probably just say your love and care is all she needs in her life.

7. Do not meet her on the day without a gift and say "You have my love and care" She might smile and a great war is just around the corner for you.

8. When you open your gift, just say "This is exactly what i wanted" even if its a calender.  

Advice to girls :

1. When your guy gives you a teddy holding a red glittery heart. Please try to smile, though your blood starts to boil at the very sight of it. Don't break his glitter less heart.

2. Do not buy a red t-shirt for him. If  he does not already own a red t-shirt. What's he been wearing then? Just black and white???

3. Do not ask his friends what he likes. Answer might be Rado. But won't that be out of your budget?

4. No matter what the gift is, just say "Choo Chweet" or "Sooo cute". This will make him feel his gift is the best.

Now some of you may wonder why I'm writing this post in the month of January. Well, i just felt like writing.. :-)


  1. Nice tips! i actually did ask my girl what gift she wants, coz i wanted to buy her something helpful.. and she gave me the answer indirectly :)

  2. hey ur turning out to be a love guru huh hehe ...great tips..!!!

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