Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Angry Post

You were born, did schooling and college in Delhi, have family and friends there. Came to Bangalore to work. I had no problem till i heard you say "Guys, please don't talk in Hindi.. lets just talk in English".

Now, if you had said that with the intention of getting everyone involved in the conversation as there are few like me who are more comfortable with English, i would've been happy. But when i saw that your expression and tone meant speaking Hindi was something to be embarrassed about, i couldn't take it. You are from Delhi not England.When i know for a fact that you speak Hindi with your family, why that expression and tone? Are you trying to impress a girl with your English from Bal Bharti School with a fake accent? Not going to work. Trust me.

Stop being embarrassed about your language. If you question us on why you don't hear us talk in Kannada, its not 'cos we are embarrassed like you. We just want everyone to understand what we are saying and don't want people like you to feel left out of the conversation. We know very well when to talk in Kannada. I don't even have a problem if you live in Karnataka for more than twenty years and not even try to learn the language. I will only give you one tight slap if i hear you talk bad about it.

I'm not from Karnataka Protection Forum or anything of that sort. I've never danced on Kannada Rajyotsav day also. I just want you to take that stupid embarrassed look off your face and learn to respect every language.


  1. Totally agree, we should respect all the languages. In fact I'm so disappointed with myself because my language picking capability is poor. I wonder with amazement when someone particularly in south India says that they know all four South Indian languages. I find Kanada is a very sweet language and may be with some effort I can learn it.

    1. Oh yeaa.. i wonder too.. I just can't learn a new language as quick as few others.. Start talking to auto drivers, facility guys at work in Kannada. I feel that's a easy way.. :-)