Friday, April 11, 2014

A small Maybe

This feeling called Happiness is so strange. Its with you for sometime and then disappears. Then its back when its least expected by you. Just when you are getting settled with a bit of it, goes away all of a sudden leaving you with all the other feelings that you don't want.

With Happiness leaving, you have anger, hurt, jealousy, pity, aggression all together. As if having all these would compensate on what's lost. No way any of these feelings can even come close to making us feel better. Worst of it, we can't let go of any of these feeling and try to be a robot. We had no control on keeping Happiness with us, just like how we have no control on letting go on the other feelings.

We drown, We do every minute. This super power or God or whatever you call it, takes us down. We drown till the end just to make us meet Him. You see, He is at the bottom of it all. This is where we meet Hope. This meeting does not turn everything around and makes things better in a minute. But it sure does make us feel that maybe you have another chance at finding Happiness.

But when you've lost everything, a small maybe makes a difference.


  1. Wonderfully contradicting emoitions.

  2. I loved d way u hv put all those emotions together ..God has always been a ray of hope n no matter how many difficulties come he is always there for us..I truly believe in him..

  3. You lead the happiness not happiness lead you whenever he wants. Do what makes you happy. :-) reading some of your blog :D